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Forum open to the general public. Please read <About the guild & How to join us> if you are interested in joining our ranks or just want some general information about the guild.
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Welcome to our forums!

So who are we?
The guild initially started out as just a way for guildies from the Project 1999 (P99) server to keep in touch while trying out this new and promising TLP server called Agnarr. We realized quite early on though that there wasn't much point in keeping the guild limited to purely people who played with us on P99 and opened up the guild to others. After some months of clearing time and splitting Quarm with minimal numbers Daybreak announced two new TLP's - Mangler and Selos. We decided to move en masse to Mangler and this will most likely be our final resting place!

Since we share (part of) our name with the P99 guild and have alot of good friends/memories from over there we do ask that our members follow a similar Code of Conduct as on P99.

Code of Conduct
* Act professional and friendly towards other players not just in guild but to everyone playing on the server. With a good attitude we will bring good words of who we are that will mean more friendly members.

* Excessive begging or power leveling (don't hog entire zones) is not accepted. Keep it professional, do not over do it.

* Try and make this a drama-free experience for everyone in our guild. If you have an issue try and work it out instead of bitching. If it can't be resolved, bring it up with one of our officers.

* Do not bring the guild down by negative attitude, neither in-game or on the official forums.

* You can have as many alts in the guild as you wish.

*ENGLISH: We need to ask you for a minimal level of english knowledge in order to join the guild. Keep in mind that all the guildchat and commands in raids are given in English, so a minimal level of knowledge is a must.

So can anyone apply to join?
Level 80 including a minimum of 1000 AA's (exceptions are made for classes on high need) for a raider trial IF THAT CLASS IS OPEN TO RECRUITMENT, and level 35 for a friends & family social style rank, before applying. If your class is closed to recruitment please check back again later, we review which classes are open/closed at least once per month. 1000AAs might sound a lot, but now with AA autogrant and increased exp rates now on Mangler, it is fairly easy to achieve.

What about raiding?
Our current scheduled raids on Mangler are Sundays (20 CET), Mondays (20 CET) and Thursdays ( 20 CET) and always aiming to end around 23 CET. Invites go out for group forming and pre-buffing approximately 15 minutes prior to the raid start time. Any appropriate levelled member or trialist is welcome to join these raids.

So how does the trial system work?

The trial system works in such a way that your application (see "So how do I apply?" below) will, directly after your in-game invite, be moved into a dedicated forum where our members will be able to give feedback on their interactions with you. Feedback is given in +1/-1 votes as well as optional comments. There used to be a separate vouching procedure but that is now cancelled.

NOTE: Trialists do not have access to the Trial Feedback forum for a reason as we want our members to feel like they can give any feedback they might have without fear of repercussions. As such anyone caught fishing for information about specific details of their received feedback will be faced with an instant trial failure.
However, if you just want to get an update on how your trial is going then you are ofcourse welcome contact a recruitment officer who will give you a general answer (going well, could use a bit more feedback, not looking good).

Once a certain number of weeks have passed since you were invited to the guild a recruitment officer will have a look at the feedback given and decide if the trial was passed, failed or if it needs an additional extension due to lack of sufficient feedback.

If the result is a pass you will be promoted to member here on the forums and in-game and will also be sent a short forum PM letting you know that you've passed your trial.
If the result is a fail (due to too much negative feedback or lack of feedback overall after an extension) you will be sent a PM here on the forums explaining what happened and that your membership here on the forums as well as in-game will be revoked.
If your trial is given an extension you will also be sent a PM here on the forums to give you a heads up and to check in to see what might be causing the lack of feedback (RL might have suddently come in the way etc).

So how do I apply?
See this post for details on how to apply. Please note that your forum username should be the same as the (first) name of the main character you are intending to apply with.

Once a recruitment officer has seen your application they will reply to it with instructions on how to proceed from there. Note that once you have been asked to contact us in-game you will have two weeks to do so before your application will be moved into an officer-only sub-forum to avoid the public application forum being filled up with old applications of people that ended up never contacting us.

The current recruitment officers of the guild are: Fufinski, Tyler & Seric
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